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Selection of low-end metal speaker grille


Relatively low-end cold rolled steel metal trumpet mesh. The metal horn grille of cold-rolled steel is widely used in some early BBA models. 

The mesh form is relatively simple. Mainly based on some arrays of PATTERN. Diamonds, round holes, and even some hexagons are more common. Because the mesh is realized by drawing or punching, it is impossible to develop some unique creative patterns, and can only achieve some simple horizontal and vertical arrangements. 

In addition, because its material can not fully meet the requirements of anti-corrosion in the car, a powder spraying process will be added on the surface of the metal speaker mesh. Due to the coverage of the powder spraying layer, the metal mesh will have a more obvious plastic texture and cannot achieve the dazzling metallic luster. 

Therefore, the metal speaker mesh configured by this process is gradually being abandoned by some high-end models. At the same time, if you need to add the audio brand logo, you also need to customize additional signs, clip or glue it up, and virtually increase the length of the entire process line, and the cost rises accordingly.