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Two kinds of speaker nets for automotive interiors


At present, there are two kinds of speaker nets for automotive interiors, mainly plastic and metal. Among them, plastic speaker nets account for the vast majority. 

The advantages and disadvantages of the two materials are obvious. 

The advantages of plastic parts can be integrated. The cost of raw materials Slightly lower; but the shortcomings of plastic parts: large mesh holes are easy to cause flashing, causing hole plugging, large deformation due to heat expansion and cold contraction, energy absorption and poor sound effect, affecting sound transmission, visible ribs, easy to scratch, poor texture . 

And the advantages of metal parts: the mesh can be reduced according to the appearance needs, the sound effect is uniform, the heat shrinks and shrinks without deformation, the metal shines the eye-catching material, no reinforcement, and environmental protection. Disadvantages of metal parts: the process is relatively long. Through our summary and combing, the complex process can be modularly combined and spliced to meet the needs of customers at different price points, and the functional advantages of the metal speaker net can be enlarged and the cost reduced to greatly improve the utilization rate of vehicle customers. At the same time, through effective software analysis support, it is possible to avoid repeated mold modification verification at the early stage of the project or during the project development process to reduce the development cost of molding manufacturing.