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  • With the continuous development of industry, precision spring contact products around us are appearing more and more frequently, so what is the main function of precision spring? Control the movement of machinery, such as valve springs in internal combustion engines, control precision springs in clutches, etc.


  • The filter screen, referred to as the filter screen, is made of wire mesh with different meshes. Its function is to filter the molten material flow and increase the resistance of the material flow, so as to filter out mechanical impurities and improve the effect of mixing or plasticizing.


  • Car audio enthusiasts know that the key to great sound is not just in the speakers themselves, but in the details of the installation. One crucial component that is often overlooked is the speaker mesh, which protects the speakers from damage while also allowing sound to pass through. Now, a new type of speaker mesh promises to take car audio to the next level.


  • Speaker grilles are a crucial part of any audio system, protecting the delicate inner workings of the speaker while allowing sound to pass through. Now, a new innovation in speaker grille design promises to revolutionize the way we listen to music.


  • Microporous etching mesh is to use chemical etching to etch metal.


  • Yanming offers different sizes of car speaker grilles and our latest fully automatic chemical metal etching production line, we are committed to providing the most precise car horn grills and other metal etching products. To learn more, please contact us.