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We Shenzhen Yanming Plate Process Co.,Ltd. start from a professional nameplate factory (officially registered in 2006), now we have expended our business to metal etching products, acrylic & glass panels, control panel graphic overlays and nameplates etc, each product may be customized according to your own requirements very fast with varying options for materials and manufacturing processes.
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  • Lampshade purchase skills

    Lampshade purchase skills

    The shape of a lampshade should be consistent with the outline of the lamp. If the lampholder has a curve, the lampshade should also choose a curved lampshade. If it is flat, choose a straight lampshade. The lamp with a heavy chassis and a tapered lampshade can make it look. Go up lighter.

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  • The choice of lampshade-material

    The choice of lampshade-material

    The decorative effects of lampshades of different materials are also very different. Let's take a look at these lampshades.

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  • What is the function of the lampshade?

    What is the function of the lampshade?

    Many people think that the lampshade is for decoration and good-looking, but the role of the lampshade is more than that.

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