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  • Filter mesh is abbreviated as filter mesh, which is processed by metal wire meshes of different meshes. Its function is to filter molten material flow and increase material flow resistance, thereby filtering out mechanical impurities and improving the effect of mixing or plasticizing.


  • For many years, metal etching has been used as a precise and scientific chemical processing technology to corrode various graphics and shape processing on different metal materials.


  • The filtration of circulating water in the cooling tower of medicine, petrochemical refining, air conditioning system or heating system.


  • Test principle of water intrusion method: The water intrusion method is dedicated to the testing of hydrophobic filter elements.


  • The core part of the filter is the filter core. The filter core is composed of the filter frame and the stainless steel wire mesh. The stainless steel wire mesh is a wearable part and needs special protection.


  • As the name implies, the precision filter element is the heart of the filter. The filter element is generally used in oil filtration, water filtration, air filtration and other filtration industries.