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The choice of high-end metal speaker grille


Metal Speaker Grille made of aluminum alloy. As a breakthrough point, starting from the selection of aluminum alloy materials, the metal speaker mesh can already be achieved through the etching process, that is, chemical corrosion. Diversified design of metal speaker mesh. On the other hand, due to its poor forming ductility, aluminum alloys are prone to cracking during forming, and designers often cannot challenge the shape of metal speaker nets that are too complicated. , And with a gorgeous mesh shape pattern, is the mainstream practice of this material selection. In addition, because the surface strength of the aluminum material is not high, it is easy to be scratched during the processing process, and the requirements for the mold are relatively high. The mold contact surface hopes to achieve mirror precision. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the strength of the parts after molding, whether they can meet the impact performance requirements of various host manufacturers for the speaker grille. Finally, there are fewer surface treatments available for aluminum materials, that is, single anodization, or different coloring during anodization. However, its dark white hue, which is prominent after anodizing, is more favored by some Japanese cars due to its unique low gloss.

Metal Speaker Grille