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What are the working principles of etching?


Etching principle: Usually referred to as etching or photochemical etching, it refers to removing the protective film of the area to be etched after exposure to plate making and development, and contacting the chemical solution during etching to achieve the effect of dissolving corrosion and forming irregularities or Hollow molding effect.It can be used to manufacture copper plate, zinc plate and other printing embossed plates at the earliest.

It is also widely used in the processing of weight reduction instrument panels, nameplates and thin workpieces that are difficult to be processed by traditional processing methods.After continuous improvement and development of process equipment, it can also be used for the processing of precision etching products of electronic sheet parts in the aviation, machinery, and chemical industries. Especially in the semiconductor manufacturing process, etching is an indispensable technology.

Etching process flow: Etching process method: The project prepares the stock size and film drawings according to the graphics material preparation material cleaning drying film or coating drying exposure development drying etching stripping products Inspection and shipment.