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Lampshade purchase skills

1. Shape
The shape of a lampshade should be consistent with the outline of the lamp. If the lampholder has a curve, the lampshade should also choose a curved lampshade. If it is flat, choose a straight lampshade. The lamp with a heavy chassis and a tapered lampshade can make it look. Go up lighter.
2. Material
Silk lampshades are used in formal rooms or bedrooms. Linen, parchment and textured lampshades are suitable for family rooms or small rooms. Hand-sewn or hand-painted lampshades can add intimacy and softness to the room.
3. Color
Traditional lampshades are all white, because this allows more light to pass through. The black or colored lampshade makes the light shine directly downwards. The crystal chassis matches the white lampshade best. The bronze chassis matches the gray or milky white lampshade. Wood or iron can be matched with any style of lampshade.