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As the name implies, the precision filter element is the heart of the filter. The filter element is generally used in oil filtration, water filtration, air filtration and other filtration industries.

1. Breathability of precision filter element: The filter element adopts American strong hydrophobic and oleophobic fiber filter material, and adopts a skeleton with good permeability and high strength to reduce the resistance caused by crossing.

2. High efficiency of the precision filter element: The filter element adopts the German fine-opening sponge, which can effectively prevent the oil and water from being carried away by the high-speed air flow, so that the small oil droplets passing by can gather at the lower end of the filter element sponge and be discharged to the bottom of the filter container.

3. The airtightness of the precision filter element: the connection point between the filter element and the filter shell adopts a reliable sealing ring to ensure that the airflow is not short-circuited and prevent impurities from directly entering the downstream without passing through the filter element.

4. Anti-corrosion of precision filter element: The filter element adopts anti-corrosion reinforced nylon end cap and anti-corrosion filter skeleton, which can be used in harsh working conditions.